The Story of Flüffenhaus


Schotz-a-puppy Golden is currently one of the most revered American performers of the 20th century – and is on his way to continuing that honor into the 21st one. A true pop culture icon, he is widely known by the single name Flüffenhaus, although family, friends and FTFFs (Full Time Flüffen Followers) call him Flüffen.


Born in Guthrie, Oklahoma, Flüffenhaus was immediately surrounded by the world of music. His parents, Fancy & Beau, were local favorites and could be found singing their original country songs 5 nights a week at the popular, and only, watering hole in town called
 Guthrie’s Pub.


The bar became a second home to Schotz-a-puppy, in no time at all he was joining his folks on stage
....and soon he was stealing the show.
 Life was grand.


Then along came Marty.
 On January 15th, 1993 a famous talent manager
 found himself with a flat tire and a thirst for Bourbon. He made his way into Guthrie’s and after one look and a few listens – Schotz-a-puppy was on his way to becoming Flüffenhaus.

 After cutting a deal with a naive and nervous Fancy & Beau,
 Flüffen was whisked away to Joyride Studios
 and his path to stardom began.


Within one year he was at the top of the charts with his catchy debut single Flüff Haus Mich.
His Latin influenced dance song, Pop it! Shake it! Chase it!,
 and his R&B ballad, Nap with you, were award winning chart toppers as well.
 Flüffenhaus was becoming a household name.


Flüffenhaus loved his music, but he had always dreamed of starring in a Blacksploitation film, his father’s favorite movie genre. When no one would take him seriously, he decided to take the money he earned from his record sales & preceded to produce it himself.
 Crash & Birn, was destroyed by critics but adored by the press and by Flüffen fans all over the world.

Crash & Birn ended up being translated into 7 different languages and by the end of its run, even the
 New Yorker Times  had this to say:
 “It may have had to Crash its way into the theaters, but it certainly did end up
 Burning up all of the Box Office records!”


A true media darling, Flüffenhaus maintained a constant presence on the covers of magazines and was a favorite celebrity guest on numerous game shows
 and nighttime television talk shows.


He became a regular on Letterman's couch, where he took the opportunity to announce the launch of his new product lines.

He started with his own breakfast cereal,
 Flüffen Flakes,
 which gave Tony the Tiger a run for his money.
His risqué Püff Parfum 
ads inspired controversy and excessive sales.


And when he was asked by People’s Magazine
 how he managed stay on top of all of his projects
 he answered
 “By drinking my new energy drink, Jüs , every morning!”


The drink was indeed called Jüs – and if anyone had ever questioned his ability to influence consumers – the campaign for Jüs put them in their place.
The tag line for Jüs was “Life. Lap it up!”

The commercial had Flüffen surrounded by beautiful people dressed in white using their tongues to lap up the fruity concoction from a small saucer...this new way of drinking became an overnight trend.
 Chain restaurants had to start placing saucers on their tables to meet the needs of their customers.


After receiving accolades as a musician, a marketing genius and branding wizard, Flüffen still yearned for acknowledgement for his acting skills. After turning down numerous scripts, he found his winner in

Alpha Bravo Cobra: The Unspoken Code of War

 He took the role of a fallen soldier and took home a
 Film Actors Guild Award for Best Actor.


Soon he was placing his paws in cement and
 autographing his own star on
 Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.
Flüffenahus has it all. Born with the last name Golden, he has proven to have the Midas touch.
 We look forward to watching him turn everything he touchs into Gold, as time goes on.

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